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Captain Harlock's log-book

I'd like to know what you think about my web site. Please use this logbook to leave your comments, adds, tips, ... basically whatever you think might be useful to the collecting community.  Please do not use foul language and remember that the opinions here are not mine. Have fun ! 

J'aimerais savoir ce que vous pensez de mon site web. Utilisez ce Log-Book pour laisser vos idees, commentaires, suggestions, annonces... en gros tout ce qui peut etre utile a la communeaute de collectioneurs que nous sommes. Faites gaffe a votre language et souvenez-vous que les opinions que vous trouverez ici ne sont pas forcement les miennes ! Amusez-vous !

Captain's Log, anno 2001

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Jawaad Mahmood
Saturday, January 12, 2002
01:23:29 AM


Hi, About your "Bemani" thing. It looks like a hand held version of the game "Beatmania", except it uses Harlock songs (in a slow version). What you are supposed to do is to hit the key on the keypad when the bar which represents that key reaches the bottom of the screen (I think). If you want ot know more about this, check out (They have info on a related game called Dance Dance Revolution). Bemani is a subsiduary of Konami that does music related gaems like Dance DAnce Revolution, Beat Mania, and a few others (can't remember the names ^_^) ALso, there was another cardboard cut-out of Albator that was released in Canada. I gave it to a friend not so long back, but you cut out pieces and build the bridge of the Arcadia / Nautilus. The art wasn't spectacular or anything; I think they did screen caps of the show, no original art or anything. Take care.

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