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Figurines - the new batch

Here is the Medicom version out of the box. Metal weapons and head sculpture are particulary well made - and the body does not fall appart when you play with it (by the way, the body used by Medicom has more points of articulation than any other doll I have owned - it is great if you want to give the captain some poses for dioramas or pictures !). The only drawback ? The price. This doll was one of the first in the Medicom Real Action series and is quite hard to find today, at least at a "normal" price.
No, this is NOT the resin kit. Well, it is, but factory hand-painted and with a limited edition of 100 pieces for the French market. It has a bronze plaque with Albator written on it and a number (from 1 to 100). I heard a similar figurine will be released on the American market as well, but with Harlock markings.
If you are not impressed with the charm of the toys, this is what you should get ! I don't know of any better looking figurine.
Hey, you, yes you ! Wanna fight ?
This is the new Kaiyodo resin kit for Queen Emeraldas - a definite beauty and a good addition to the Harlock resin seen here above. Like its Harlock counterpart, this kit was also available in a very limited number of already assembled and painted statues.
This is the ad for the new figurines of Harlock - Queen Esmeraldas serie, based on a new anime by Matsumoto. The toys are made in China BUT REALLY LOOK GREAT ! It is nice to have a figurine of Harlock that is dressed in something different, and Esmeralda looks superb. Also, it is the only set I know of that has the Toshiro figurine included. Company is JESNET (Japan Entertainment Software Sales Network). 

This is a detail of the Jesnet-version Harlock. Click on the pic. to see the blister.
And here the Pirate queen Emeraldas from Jesnet (see above). Nice sculpting for the size, but here again : IT IS A STATUE AND NOT A TOY ! How are kids ever supposed to play with such a thing ? She even needs a (furnished) stand to help her stay on both feet ! A limited figurine of Esmeralda will come out from the same manufacturer with a black costume instead of her purple one, and a video tape of the new serie.
HeY, do you like stuffed toys ? What about these ? They don't only look cute - but they are very cool too ! Banpresto made these in the early 90's. The original set had 8 pieces.
Here is the rest of the bunch - with the locomotive. There was also a passenger car in the set (not pictured, but hey, if you have one extra !). All of these have strings for Christmas-tree duty.
This is the new doll (12 inches) from Marmit - Japan. It is nice, but boy is it missing in moveable joints ! Therefore, the name statue suits him better. Came in black, red and pretty soon will be available in other colors as well. Goes perfectly with the queen Emeraldas figurines of the same maker.
This is the red version of this toy.
... And blue. Talking about getting money out of one toy ! 
From Marmit as well, in their "SUPER EXCELLENT SERIES"-line (where did they get that ?) here is the rendition of the "Young" Queen Esmeraldas. Real hair, stand and sword. 
Lately from Japan - this key-holder with everyone's favorite pirate. Nice packaging.


Other set of key-holders - this one comes from Banpresto and is supposedly one of these things you can get in the grabbing machines in Japan ! Why don't they have these machines over here in Europe or in the US ? Why ? (tears !)
Another statue ! This one from Medicom - and is the silver version. There is a gold version (of course !) on the market as well. Heavy and great as a paper-weight !
This rubber statue is made by Banpresto (again) as a prize-only thing. It comes on his own stand and is pretty well sculpted. A similar size Maetel was made as well.
7 Eleven is rather a cool store over there in Japan. They offer special promotional figurines of the best cartoons ever, known under the name GASHAPON. This set came out for the release of the new Emeraldas movie. The figurines are rubber made and come in a number of parts you have to assemble (arms, legs, gun, etc.)
This is another resin kit, a little smaller than the first one, but the pose is oh so great !

I have always been stupidly dumb to paint these things correctly, but this here is the picture of the front of the box.

From the Galaxy Express series, this is Banpresto's Resine Harlock. Others include Esmeraldas herself, Toshiro and Balaruda (click on picture to see more !). Size is approx. 3 inch1/2.
This one is too great ! It is Reiji Matsumoto himself in cartoon format. This vinyl of Harlock's father (and Galaxy Express, Starblazers, Queen Millenia, ...) is reproduced in his usual attire and with his famous kitty.
This is a new resine kit available from Japan. It figures Toshiro in a pose I never saw before, ready to blast everyone annoying around !

New Lady Esmeraldas Resine kit from Alpha - Japan.

Yellow Submarine is one of the best Japanese doll-makers of the moment, and each toy that comes out of their production-line makes every Barbie jealous ! Why ? Real clothes, metal weapons and beautiful head-sculpts, without mentioning the largest number of joints a female figurine could ever boast ! Ideal to get into scenes with the Harlock Medicom, and a great piece of toy engineering !

This is another kit, this one produced by VOLKS - Japan. Here again, great pose - and Harlock has his bird with him !
A new series of figurines came out with the launch of Harlock Saga. Licensed under "the World of Leji", these are made from rubber and are in the same size-range as the Gashapon. I don't know if they are normally available or only as prize for food or beverage items.
With the renewal of interest in the different Matsumoto series came special editions of his female characters. These dolls are known as the "Palace-dress" versions. Here Emeraldas.
Yutuka - Japan 1998. This company made two different phone straps on the serie : this one and one representing the Arcadia.


Geoffrey Peeters 2001 - Lisboa