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captain Harlock paper - page

This page will list all printed material of your favorite captain : books, comics, stickers, posters... This part of my web page can certainly use your help, as there is a lot of records to list. So, if you know any interesting item, please let me know !

One of the favorite pass-times ever at school was collecting the Panini stickers from my different heroes. We would have them ready to exchange at recess and would go and buy packs of these when we received a little money from our parents, at the corner's candy-store ! They came packaged by 5 or 6. This is the French album for them - A2 logo. I don't know if there was a difference in the stickers from one country to another, though...
And the Canadian version of the Album... Italy and the Netherlands had them as well, maybe even more countries
Example of stickers from the Canadian Panini set.
This is an Italian pack of stickers (or Tattoos, I don't know). They are called "bustines" and retailed for 50 Lira (not a lot of money, believe me !)
This poster was printed in Italy for the release of the Capitan Harlock movie, nothing else really than a number of episodes put together from the first series (Albator 78)
This is a collectors' binding of the 5 first editions of the Captain Fulgur magazine. Captain Harlock did not have a magazine in France titled after him, but he was rather the main hero of a magazine called "Captain Future" - the cartoons were the same that appeared later in the Dargaud hardcover books. There were other cartoons as well : from San Ku Kai (Message from Space), Kronos (?) to Captain Fulgur himself. (a weird story of a guy sent out in space by monks !). These magazines were for children, and Leiji Matsumoto's drawings were not used (Pity !) Instead, the whole story was re-written and re-drawn by a French artist, who did not give justice to the original manga's at all.
An example of Captain Fulgur's magazine - this is the # 2 in the serie. It was a nice issue as it offered for free (well...) a number of Panini stickers.
Italian sticker - from a promotional campaign (I think) - offered for free with a product (which one ? help !)

These stickers, Italian, are from a non-Panini album called Figure Flash. Trying to compete, these albums based themselves on all the know Italian heroes of the time. Click on picture to see more...
From Dargaud - this is the French Comic strip in hardcover, just as it appears in the "Captain Fulgur" magazines. Le Choc des Planetes.
IDEM - La revanche d'Albator.
IDEM - Le Corsaire de l'Espace.
A number of flyers were made when the movie came out in Italy, to be displayed at the theaters. Here is one of them.
NISHI PARADISE magazine (French) devoted to Captain Harlock - Albator 84.
Italian book - ERI junior publishing. Hard Cover.
French book : Seul Contre l'Univers. Hard Cover.
Same book, but the Italian version - Publ. Eri Junior.
These are some of the Japanese "School-Suplies" one could find : On the top, one of the (many) shjitakis, or pencil-boards. On the bottom, some "My Youth in Arcadia" envelopes, paper and block-note.
From Eri Junior, this is the Italian "Technical Space Manual" based on the serie. It has nice drawings and cuts of the ships. Hard-cover. I don't think anything similar was ever produced in French or English.
One of the different Japanese art-books on the serie, this is "Cosmic Corsair, Captain Harlock" It has a nice picture collection on the first serie (against the Mazones - Sylvidres).
When they decided to air Captain Harlock on the American channels, Toei produced this English-version book to describe the episodes (at least the first scripts), show some of the ships and characters, ... All in a move to market the anime to the broadcasters.
What do you get when you are famous ? COPIES !!! This is what a Doujinshi is all about : they base themselves on a known hero, and create a very similar personage that can be adapted to other story lines. This one here relates an adventure of Young Captain Harlock.

OOPs ! and I thought Harlock never had his own magazine in French - could I be more wrong ! This one is #1 from the serie and has both A2 and IDDH markings.

This is the theater - folder that was distributed for the launch of "My Youth in Arcadia". it has a short synopsis of the story and a 2 sided fold-out poster of Harlock.
U.S. published book with cover from Benn Dunn on the original television scripts of the serie.
Just like the Harlock anime - but here for Galaxy Express 999. This book was edited by Toei to give to the American TV stations so they could evaluate the drawings and storyboard. English.
And this is the official program for the movie release in Japan.

Anime Land is the biggest current French magazine in Japanese Manga. They cover everything from the new cartoons to the diffusion rights on French channels. Number 49 came out after the launch of the new Emeraldas video in France, and gives a nice overview of Matsumoto's characters. (photo Jerome Nussbaum)

With the launch of Arcadia of my Youth on the French market, AK Video published this little pamphlet with about 15 pages of the film in cartoon format. Also, a little article on Harlock. (photo Jerome Nussbaum)
Special number of Animeland on the new Harlock Saga episodes. Has a special file on Leji Matsumoto, as well as a small synopsis of the toys made on the serie. (photo Jerome Nussbaum)

1984 was a big year for Albator's come-back on the French TV-screens. The French postal service (PTT) certainly took the popularity train and used him on a calendar they issued that year.

During the release in Japan of the new episodes (Albator 84), a whole bunch of art-books were produced on the serie. Here is number 6 from Animec.
Robert W. Gibson and Tim Eldred got a lot of our Captain right - especially his darker side, when they started a whole serie of comics for the American market.  Published by Benn Dunn (Warrior Nun Areala), other series soon followed : Deathshadow Rising, Queen Emeraldas and a Christmas special. Even though Matsumoto's drawings were not used, the art is way better than say, the French versions.
Group of stickers produced in Italy as a promotion on some kind of product (please help !).
Italy as well, but these are round. Don't know if they are milk-caps or stickers. Extra information welcome !

Art-book for the release of "Adieu Galaxy Express 999" in Japan. Lots of pictures of the characters, backgrounds and planets, ...
Canadian "Cut-by-numbers" book. Great way to make your very own paper Harlock !
Set of cards released with the new Emeraldas cartoons in Japan. 
Fanfare - Spring 1980 edition. Special article on Harlock and his universe.
Galaxy Express 999 encyclopedia. Japan - different volumes are available.

Fumetto editore - Italian version of Harlock comic. Here again, like the French version - everything got re-drawn by a local artist. The quality of the comic is a little better than the French version, though. 
GE 999 pencil board (shjitaki) - beautiful artwork with sponsor from PEPSI.  
From Italy as well - this is the comic version of GE999. Non-Matsumoto drawings.

RAI and TOEI copywrights.

Next to Doujinshis are Hentais - comic copies of known heroes with a more "adult" content. Here again, bootlegs - the popularity (and beauty) of Matsumoto's characters inspired a lot of young talent !

The Canadian magazine LUNDI had this poster to offer to its young audience.

A call to make ? Use your Harlock phonecard ! Japanese telecom at its best ! And very collectable too !

Galaxy Express photo-card set, with a number of very interesting cardboard "large" pictures of our heroes.

From Italy - here is the best way to bring your favorite hero to school : his very own notebook ! Ideal to use with the Harlock erasers !

Doujinshi's are not only a Japanese phenomenon. Italians had them as well, as you can see. Here the fabulous adventures of Capitan Sherlock.


Geoffrey Peeters 2001 - Lisboa